The Solar Assist Dryer

Help Your Aeration Fans in Drying... Pre-Heat the Air at no Cost.

  • Connects directly with virtually all existing aeration fans.
  • Naturally pre-heats air to improve drying efficency.
  • Produces dry heat by reducing humidity 15% or more.
  • Can produce 40,000 to 200,000 BTUs (depending on sun intensity and airflow).
  • Sets up anywhere - pegged to the ground or mounted to the side of bin.
  • Totally safe, environmentally responsible FREE HEAT.

How it Works

A sleeve wraps around the flange between the fan and the bin to trap the air required for inflating the solar collector (see photo above). Cool air from your aeration fan is channeled through the specifically designed solar collection chambers where it's heated and dried by the sun for free! The warmed, dried air is then forced back through the aeration fan inlet into the grain to improve drying time. It's that simple.

How Well it Works

On a sunny day during the drying season, April to October, air going back into the Peacock Solar Assist Dryer at +19°C (+66°F), for example could be heated up to +31°C (87°F). In addition, humidity will drop by as much as 15% or more! As the air in the solar collector heats, it expands, causing a sharp drop in relative humidity. This produces warm, dry air for your grain at no extra cost. Simple, easy to set up and cost effective. The Peacock Solar Assist Dryer is the sensible solution to low-cost, heated, natural air grain drying. Put the power of the sun to work for you today.