The Precision Seeder

Retrofit your air seeder for one pass seeding. Costs $750.00 (CAD) + GST per Unit

  • The precision seeder attachment can easily be attached to any heavy duty cultivator with a 400lb. or more trip.
  • No holes or welding necessary.
  • Chrome seed shoes are easily replaced by undoing one bolt.
  • If the cultivator shank trips, the seeding attachment can pivot to avoid striking the cultivator frame.
  • The spacing options will be determined by your existing cultivator, with up to 15' shank spacing.
  • Everything is supplied for easy attachment to your existing air seeder or cultivator.
  • Fully adjustable seed depth control.
  • The seeder shoe is continuously self-adjusting to maintain perfect seed depth control.

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How it Works

The unique knife and seed shoe combination disturbs just enough soil to help warm the seeded rows for germination. Our paired row system prepares the ground for easier seed root access to the fertilizer deposit before the weeds, thus early crop domination pushing weeds aside for cleaner, healthier crops.